The Mongan Method


Now that you have discovered that you are pregnant and will soon bring that new life into the world, you may be experiencing a flood of emotions.

If this is your first baby these may be feelings and emotions that you have never felt before; if it is a second baby or more, you may also be feeling a range of powerful emotions that may even be different from your first pregnancy.

Your baby’s birth is a once in a life time event. Preparing your mind and body to bring your baby into the world safely, gently, and with ease, creates positive foundations that greatly influence how your child will adapt to their new surroundings. Research now suggests that these initial experiences can determine much of who your child will become into adulthood (It influences their self-belief, behaviours, attitudes, and so on).


Birthing your baby should (and can be) a positive and awe-inspiring experience – one that you will cherish always! Find out how HypnoBirthing®  can help YOU achieve a calm, confident, and safe birth for you and your baby!

HypnoBirthing® iis a powerful program full of practical strategies and information for both, Natural and Cesarean birth. This highly respected program is designed to enhance positive feelings of uniqueness and awe; and to empower you and your baby for a gentle, calm, and comfortable birth, just as nature intended.

This HypnoBirthing® program provides you and your birthing companion with simple, easy-to-learn, evidence based techniques – including deep relaxation and self-hypnosis, visualization and specific breathing patterns, and other practical tools that help you be optimally prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Our HypnoBirthing® program teaches you the art of profound relaxation and allows you to access your deeper subconscious mind.  You will learn how to free your mind and body of fear and tension, as well as to release prior programming and harmful emotions that can have a deeply negative effect on the birthing process. Thus, you can experience the satisfying, gentle, serene, and empowering birth that you and your baby deserve.

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” – Marie F. Mongan

The Woman who started us on our journey to positive birth experiences, is Marie Mongan (aka Mickey), an award winning hypnotherapist and counselor. Her comprehensive birthing education program offers women and their partners opportunities to explore their choices and develop the decision-making skills necessary to achieve their birthing goals.


Our birth plays an important role in our imprinting, and impacts our beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. For example a child that experiences trauma at birth may form the fundamental belief that he/she is unsafe. They may become clingy, insecure, and demanding. In contrast, a child that experiences tenderness and care may form the belief that he/she is supported and loved; allowing them to develop a deep trust in parents and to explore and develop in healthy ways as he/she grows.


About HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education Program & Classes

We offer a comprehensive antenatal HypnoBirthing® program, designed to empower and enrich your birthing experience. Our recommended program runs over 5 weeks, and each session is 2.5 hours.  Individualised and alternative programs can be negotiated and developed depending on your needs.

Class size – Our classes are kept small and private to ensure you get the best support. Due to the nature of the course, there will be a maximum of 3-6 couples per group. Alternatively, you can arrange for a private class for just you and your birthing partner(s).

Location All group classes are held in a peaceful location within the following areas.

  • Albury/Wodonga & surrounding areasplease contact to discuss classes in your area
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Corowa, Wangaratta & Yarrawonga
  • Canberra ACT – Erindale, Wanniassa & Spence
  • Contact to discuss classes in your area

When to start – It is best to start your HypnoBirthing® program early in your pregnancy with many people beginning between the 20th and 32nd  week of pregnancy. This gives you plenty of time to practice the techniques and take control of your birthing experience.

What you will learn –

You will learn so much from this course! The goal is to teach you to use hypnosis techniques to have a natural, calm, and gentle birth that will leave you feeling satisfied with your birthing experience. The topics are listed in the  Course Outline (see under Course Outline Tab).

 Our 12.5 hours of face to face classes will cover areas such as:

  • Self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, visualisation, positive affirmations, deep relaxation and instant relaxation
  • Physiology of birth the role and function of our hormones, and the uterus during labour
  • Hypnosis during labour and birth
  • Produce optimum biochemistry that will support a natural and joyful birth
  • Creating that prebirth bond with you new baby
  • Prevent unnecessary pain during labour
  • Understand the fear-tension-pain syndrome
  • Birth mapping – how to make birth preferences/wishes and clearly define who does what
  • Effective birth planning
  • Optimum positions for labour and birth
  • Equipping dad, partner or support person with useful and effective labour support techniques and strategies
  • Reduce the risk of episiotomy or tearing
  • Enhance pre-birth parenting and bonding between mum, dad and baby

What you will receive:

  • HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method textbook
  • 2 audio CDs – including the Rainbow Relaxation, affirmations, pre-birth bonding
  • HypnoCalm extended resource folio – including hypnosis scripts, prompts for birth companions, birth preferences, relaxation scripts
  • Phone and email support – non-medical advice and mentoring
  • An additional fear release, placenta relocation or “breech turn” session if required (half price)
  • A healthy and nutritious morning and afternoon tea is provided for each full day session

HypnoBirthing® Group Antenatal Class Dates –  Albury Wodonga area

  • Thursday 29th June – Full (closed for new enrollments)
  • Wednesday 9th August – Open for enrollments
  • Wednesday 19th September – Open for enrollments

 Canberra ACT area

  • Saturday 19th August – Almost Full
  • Saturday 21st October – Open for enrollments

Corowa, Wangaratta & Yarrawonga Please contact us for dates or to register you interest HypnoBirthing®

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Too close to you birthing time?
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 please contact us at contact@hypnocalmbirth.com.au or call 0411 190 853.

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HypnoBirthing® Course Outline


  • Philosophy and beginnings of HypnoBirthing®
  • History of women and birthing
  • How the uterus works in birthing
  • What is wrong with labour
  • The origin of fear and pain in labour
  • The power of the mind
  • The laws of the mind and change
  • Mind/body connection
  • Psycho‐physical association
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • Building positive images of birth
  • Hypnosis and reprogramming the subconscious mind


  • Falling in Love With Your Baby:  Pre‐birth, Perinatal, and Postnatal  Bonding
  • Background of feotology studies
  • Selecting care providers and your birthing environment
  • Preparing your mind and body for birth
  • Hypnosis -rapid relaxation techniques for deepening
  • Light touch massage for instant calm and relaxation
  • Rainbow relaxation class practice for Dad/Partner
  • Releasing limiting thoughts -fear release
  • Birth preferences preview
  • Preparing your body for healthy birthing
  • Toning the body


  • Labour and birthing visualisations and deepening
  • Turning breech-presentated babies
  • Birth preferences
  • Hospital tour, records, and registration
  • When baby is nearly ready
  • Looking at your guess date or “Estimated due date”
  • Special circumstances
  • Avoiding artificial induction of labour:  chemical v. natural induction
  • Using natural means to initiate labour‐‐Relax
  • Your body’s perfect design
  • Releasing emotions, fears, and limiting thoughts


  • Pre‐labour tricksters—Be sure it’s real
  • Thinning and opening phase
  • Arriving at the hospital
  • Review birth companion’s role
  • As labour moves along
  • When labour slows or rests and what to do about it
  • Review misconceptions about labour
  • Options/Considerations before accepting inducement or augmentation
  • Dad/Partner – how to ensure that interventions are not needlessly imposed
  • Hallmarks as labour advances
  • Birth breathing
  • Birth rehearsal imagery


  • Mother nears completion—opening and thinning phase ends
  • Optimal positioning for baby during labour and birth
  • Positions for Mum during labour, descent, and birthing
  • Positioning and repositioning of baby
  • Birthing phase, descent, birth breathing ,review and emphasize
  • Birth’s perfect design—The Final Act
  • The birth after glow
  • The first breastfeeding—self‐attachment—our goal
  • Fourth trimester addendum
  • Optional additional scripts
You will be excited and amazed by what you will learn in this course!  

Contact us for more information or to discuss your enrolment Email contact@hypnocalmbirth.com.au Mobile: 0411 190 853

Amazing Education - And So Much More!

As a Holistic Doula, Clinical Hypnotherapist and accredited NLP Life Coach Nikki takes you on a journey of amazing personal and intimate self-discovery that will enhance every aspect of your pregnancy and birth …. your life and your relationship, as you transform into your role as Mother.