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Mother Nurture

Your HypnoCalm Doula is a Doula with a difference.

Offering physical, emotional and spiritual support, as well as a comprehensive childbirth education program; she assists you in creating a deeply connected, loving and empowered pregnancy and birth journey for both, you and your baby.

Having a Doula at the birth is a personal choice made by a woman who places importance on creating a positive and nurturing birthing environment for herself. This way, she is empowered to bring her baby into the world with respect, dignity, love, and joy.

 A Doula primarily provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, and after the birth.  She assists the woman to labour with love; in a calm, respected and supported way.

Her role is to provide personalised and individually tailored support to the mother and partner leading up to and during labour and birth. The Doula is completely present to the needs of the mother. She is non-interventionist, supportive, calm, trusting, and consistent; creating a warm, stable, and nurturing space.

Your HypnoCalm Doula takes the time to truly know both – your internal and external needs and wants. She ensures she works with these throughout labour. She provides support during labour and birth, through to post birth; and ensures you have the opportunity to talk about your experience and debriefs you in a well-supported way.

Read more about what a Doula does:

  • A Doula thinks outside the medical box, and encourages a person centred approach to birth.
  • Maintains a focus on the wellbeing of the mother and her baby.
  • With the use of effective strategies, she works to ensure the greatest possible level of comfort and satisfaction for the mother.
  • Provides continuity of care throughout pregnancy, labour, and post birth.
  • Enables pregnancy information, birth planning, and education.
  • Shares labour preparation information and techniques to encourage a successful birth; including powerful visualisations, mind programming affirmations, relaxation, meditation and holistic therapies.
  • Provides labour support at home and at the hospital.
  • Provides emotional, spiritual, and physical support.
  • Creates the space and support for Dad/ other parent/ partner to focus on their role and experience during the birth.
  • Although mother and baby are the focus of your HypnoCalm Doula, she will provide support for the whole family where needed.
  • Provides individualised support for your own personal labour needs.
  • Provides VBAC preparation and support, preparation for planned C-Sections, and support for Home and Hospital births.

See more listed in our Doula Package information

A Doula is not attached to how or where you birth. Rather, she supports you in making YOUR own informed decisions that are in line with what is most important to you; and what enables the wellbeing of your baby.

Dad/Partner and your Doula

The Doula does not take the place of the father/partner during labour and birth, but instead provides him/her with much welcomed support. Her intimate knowledge of birth allows her to cater for the mother’s needs; allowing dad/partner to be present in whatever way feels right for both them and the mother.  Fathers/Partners who experience the support of a Doula during the birth of their baby are empowered in a positive way, assured and knowing that they can fulfil their own unique role in the birthing process.

 What a Doula doesn’t do

  • Give medical advice or perform medical procedures.
  • Independently communicate your wishes directly to your doctor or midwife.
  • Replace your partner in the birth experience.

 Benefits of choosing a HypnoCalm Doula include:

Many recent studies have revealed the extraordinary benefits of having a Doula support during labour. A recent Cochrane Review – Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth – revealed that there is a very high instance of positive birth outcomes when a Doula was engaged. These include: women were less likely to require pain relief medications, a reduced caesarean birth rate by 50%, a reduced length of labour by 25%, reduced use of Syntocin by 40%, and reduced epidural requests by 60%. Overall, mothers reported having a more positive childbirth experience when they employed a Doula.

How does it all work?

HypnoCalm offers individually tailored doula and combined service packages. You can find the standard costs and Doula Package information here.You will also find Basic Doula Support & Session Costs, and other details.  Please contact Nikki to discuss your individual needs and package prices.

Typically, your initial appointment will be about getting to know each other – where you are in your pregnancy, your family, and what is important to you.  We will then explore your vision for your birth, your thoughts and feelings, and what you really want and need from your Doula. Subsequent appointments will be focused on providing the level of intimate and personalised care that suits your needs and desires; and may include:

  • Childbirth education – anatomy and physiology of birth.
  • Psychology of birth – the importance of beliefs, values, and programing.
  • Holistic birth planning, labour, and birth options.
  • Preparing for birth – techniques and strategies.
  • Preparing for parenting.
  • Relaxation techniques, breathing, guided meditations, and self-hypnosis.
  • Provision of emotional support for pregnancy, birth, and family.
  • Friendly and informal discussions about your needs and what is most important to you.
  • Up-to-date information and resources; including wider support networks.
  • Fear release techniques, visualisations, and one-on-one support for your needs.

Additional services:

  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • HypnoBirthing®
  • Holistic therapies
  • Life, parenting, and relationship coaching


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