HypnoCalm offers both individual Clinical Hypnosis for pregnancy & birth, as well as group and individual HypnoBirthing® education programs.

Hypnosis for Pregnancy & Birth

Imagine bringing your baby into the world exactly the way you would like it to be – empowered, in absolute control of the birthing process, and feeling safe, nurtured, protected, and supported. There would be no interruption or intervention, allowing you to birth your baby the way nature intended… gently, lovingly, and calmly. This helps create the most positive imprinting upon your newborn baby that will lay down the foundation for the rest of their life. When hypnosis is practised during pregnancy and during the birth, it allows both mum and baby to experience an easy, more comfortable birth.


The female body instinctually knows how to birth. Unfortunately, through many years of misconceptions and ill-advised trends, childbirth has become highly and unnecessarily medicalised; removed from the natural and empowered experience that it should be. Mothers are instilled with fears of their babies being at risk even in normal pregnancies. Birth – over time – has become a medical procedure where the baby must be extracted quickly, conveniently, or urgently. The female body and uterus is designed to function perfectly during normal childbirth. When the mum is well supported, nurtured, educated, and unencumbered by fear; she is free to enjoy the magic of birthing her baby in the way nature intended.


Studies have shown that such a stress-free form of childbirth is more than just satisfying. It also results in vastly improved parent-infant bonding, calmer and happier babies, fewer complications such as feeding and sleeping difficulties, and an overall more satisfying parenting experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnosis work?

The effectiveness of hypnosis in pregnancy and childbirth is based on the premise that birthing related pain stems from fear and tension in the body, unconscious beliefs, and programming that interferes with the natural birthing process. When a woman understands the ill effects of the fear-tension-pain cycle on the birthing process, she can plan to avoid them and prepare for a completely wonderful experience of bringing her new born into the world.

HypnoCalm chooses HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method as a foundation for our childbirth education program. With outstanding evidence based results, reliable and updated information, and quality research; this program is the highest quality birthing education available today.

Through our program, the birthing mothers, fathers, and/or their support people are taught powerful non-clinical strategies. These include deep state relaxation, meditative processes, and powerful visualisations that allow for the body to birth normally and without restrictions – thus allowing you to have a much easier, more comfortable birth.

What are its uses?

Some of the common applications for Hypnosis are:

  • Turn Breech positioned baby to more optimal positioning
  • Move low laying placenta or Placenta Praevia
  • Remove unconscious stresses and fears
  • Install new positive expectations around birth
  • Resolve un-helpful emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that inhibit the birthing experience
  • Resolve your own birth trauma
  • Reconnect with your body and mind to create trust and responsiveness during the birth
  • Produce endorphins and other useful birthing hormones
  • Reduce pain creating/ birth inhibiting hormones such as catecholamine and cortisol during pregnancy and in the first stage of labour
  • Maximize the baby’s well-being

What are the benefits?

Some of the many benefits of Hypnosis for pregnancy & childbirth are:

  • Decrease and eliminate the use of pain relief medication such as gas and epidural
  • Reduce average length of labour
  • Increase ease, joy, and comfort in childbirth
  • Improve bonding and emotional satisfaction for the baby
  • Improve emotional satisfaction for mum and dad/birthing partner
  • Calmer, more settled baby
  • Reduce caesarean rates
  • Reduce post-natal mood fluctuations

What about second or subsequent births?

The majority of the women who have used hypnosis during childbirth in their second or subsequent births have reported feeling more confident and in control this time around. They say that they are more relaxed and focused than during previous births.

The effects of hypnosis on an individual deepen over time with regular application and repetition.  It really is all about programming the unconscious mind and enabling you to connect more deeply with your body’s natural birthing ability.

How much do the programs cost?  

There are a number of ways you can benefit from hypnosis leading up to and during your birthing. Each program is priced differently.

  • You may wish to enrol in our internationally acclaimed and recognised HypnoBirthing® childbirth education program.  This program provides comprehensive childbirth education and hypnosis techniques to assist you to achieve an empowered and enriched birthing experience.  Ready more about the program here.
  • You may also wish to undergo personalised private hypnosis sessions with Clinical Hypnotherapist Nikki Grae.  The sessions are designed specifically for your own personal needs, desires to remove your own personal unconscious barriers to achieving the birth you desire and deserve.  All women bring there past into their birthing, these influences can help or hinder.  Hypnosis can emphasise your strengths and remove undesirable factors to support you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond into the rest of your life. Standard Hypnosis Sessions are $157 per session and can be tailored as part of your individually designed package –  Contact us to find out more.  Mobile 0411190853 or email contact@hypnocalmbirth.com.au 
  • You can also request that Hypnosis be combined with any of our HypnoCalm Programs including Holistic Doula Support.  Contact us for more information or quote.  Doula Package information & Costs


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HypnoCalm chooses HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method as the foundation childbirth education program.  With outstanding evidenced based results, reliable and update information and quality research, this program has proven to be the highest quality education available today.

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