Meet Your Practitioner

My name is Nikki Grae. I am an experienced educator, Transformational NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and HypnoBirthing® Educator. I am the birth mother of four beautiful children; and a very proud grandmother to two beautiful HypnoBirthing® babies, whose amazing births I assisted.

The birth of my firstborn left me with a sense of awe!  Her birth was gentle, loving, ecstatic, and a deeply empowering and transformational experience. Through my life’s journey – my growth as a woman and as a mother – I have come to understand the significance of having the right care, guidance, education, and support in pregnancy and birth.  My own experiences and those of others around me have cemented my understanding of how these lay the foundations for the new lives and help nurture family bonds.

As a Holistic Therapist, my mission is to provide holistic support and to nurture the birthing woman in all aspects of her life. My mission is to empower her as she transforms into her role as mother….the most rewarding experience that life has to offer.

“We can change the world we live in one birth at a time.”